Education in America is very comprehensive. The number of books that students now must read far exceeds the number that their parents had to read in the past. Reading colloquial expressions and reading literary works go hand in hand. First, learn through passive learning methods such as listening or reading, then move on to speaking or writing.


Building a vocabulary is the first step. Only after you have rice can dinner be cooked. If your vocabulary is deficient, it will definitely affect your reading ability. The traditional method of passively memorizing words is not an effective, Memorization is only input method and there must be an output practice method, such as speaking. Listen intently, whether it is from your everyday surroundings, TV and multimedia broadcasts or in class when the teacher is speaking. Read, in other words, read aloud, to enhance your understanding of the article and to improve your English pronunciation. When training and learning, focus also on your method of reading silently. Quicken your reading pace and learn the vocabulary, grammar and structure of the article.  For more about writing, please refer to “Tips on Writing an Excellent Paper.” As for reading improvement, “Critical Reading,” can strengthen your logical thinking and is appropriate for high level readers.


It is impossible for parents to study for their children, but they can


1.         Provide their children with an excellent study environment

2.         Train their children to set up a study plan and stick with it

3.         Efficiently use time outside of regularly scheduled classes and extracurricular activities, read more often in spare time

4.         Assist children is choosing friends who enjoy reading

5.         Make better use of the library resources

6.         Read with them to set a good example on speed, emphasis, coherence, etc.


Only through more reading it is possible to establish a keen sense of English. Developing good reading habits can bring an unlimited amount of happiness to one’s life; bring forth new knowledge, assistance at work, financial stability, and controls of one’s emotions. Only through more writing is it possible to develop interest, to reflect life, and to enhance confidence. The determining factors of how good your paper is are many. Words must be used precisely and the use of unique and advanced words will definitely be beneficial. When using grammar correctly, you use the full meaning and expression of each word. When structuring the compound sentence concisely, you utilize the art of word in persuasion. If you can write, then you can read. If you can read, then you can speak. If you can speak, then you can listen and understand. Help children to develop a good writing ability and it will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Remember though that it is only through first strengthening reading ability that you are able to develop a sophisticated writing skill.